How 2 young youtube celebrities make $1,000,000 dollars a year

Youtube celebrities come up with a crafty kitchen idea

Just like youtube celebrities, last week my daughter asked me about selling products on eBay. That's never happened before.

It shocked me but maybe it shouldn't since I'm always talking about my business which is writing, consulting and coaching. Check me out at

''How can I do it'' she asked.

Ebay was a good option. But maybe a youtube channel would be better?

If you don't know, she is a competitive dancer and she is very passionate about dancing. It's been like that for the last 14 years of her life. So what happens after 14 years. You have a huge collection of costumes ready to sell to any up and coming superstar dancer...

plus a Uber dance dad who is always on taxi duty ;-)!

So I started to look around on the Net. And I read about these 2 young Australian girls who make approximately $127,000 per month on youtube. That's more than a million smackaroos a year and are you sitting down. They're only 6 and 9 years old.

What's their genres?

They create craft recipes for kids in their kitchen. Now don't get overly hyped by the headlines that report ''How 2 young 6 and 9-Year-Old Girls Make $127K a Month on YouTube.'' Sure they are the youtube celebrities of their videos but there are people in the background with business, production and youtube skills helping out. That's when Mom and probably Dad come into play.

Charli and her 6 year-old sister are certainly the video superstars on their youtube celebreties channel, CharlisCraftyKitchen which has 322,000 subscribers.

They get an average of 29 million views each month. For example in March. It was 29,133,270.

Can you imagine the demographics of people who watch these videos? Who do you think they are? Maybe moms and dads who want to cook with their children? Maybe teachers and daycare providers who want to keep their chipmunks busy?

Now how do you think they make their money? Youtube pays them for the ads that appear during their videos. So what do they sell? Food, travel packages, and anything under the sun for their demographics.

Do they sell?

They make $127,000 in ad revenue per month, Correct per month. And that's after youtube takes their cut of the mooooney.

It all started in September 2012 when Charli started making craft food videos and her younger sister, Ashlee, tagged along as the chief taste tester. A perfect combo.

Do you think they attract viewers. You know they do. When you make Minnie Mouse Oreo pops and Jello popsicles inspired from the movie ''Frozen'' you are sure to hit some of them out of the ball park ratings. 

A while back, I wrote about another famous youtube videographer who makes loads of money in another genre. You can check it out at Most important try to figure out the pattern.

What are they selling? Who are their viewers? What is their hook? How do they produce their videos?

Note our two sisters have a web page, facebook page, a twitter, pinterest, instagram (these last two are perfect for promotion duty) and youtube account. do you think they do all the work? That's why the parents are savvy business people (they're not talking)... or somebody!

Check out this youtube celebrities CharlisCraftyKitchen video that has 57,697,808 million views as of today...

So how can I help my daughter and her friends sell hundreds of dance costumes? Well... you'll have to wait and see.

Just Imagine your success and do it now,

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