Brain Trainer's Breakthrough Story - The Neuro-Psychology of Winning


Unleash the Brain Trainer power of your mind to skyrocket your self-confidence, eliminate procrastination and mind wandering

Discover the secrets that make winning for those who succeed nearly automatic!

In Mental Training For Winning, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily imprint your subconscious brain with the best skills in your sport.

You’ll combine the inner game with sport psychology to achieve instant success in practise and competition. This self-help book combines the best and latest in cutting edge personal development and personal growth.

● How the pros win championships and Olympic athletes win gold medals
● The fastest way to win and view yourself as a winner

● How to edit out mistakes and edit in winning mental images

● The 2 “must-have” critical ingredients to improve your skills

● The secret training strategy to get instant results

● How to order your brain to mental training for winning now

● How to make learning physical and mental skills fun and easy

● How to enter the zone unconsciously, easily, quickly and at will

● The psychology of winning without choking

● 7 Tips and tricks that increase your peak performance

● How to turn a losing team into a winning team

● How to recover more quickly from an injury

A top sports psychologist reveals the secret mental strategies pro and Olympic athletes use daily to win in all sports. This success program is based on scientific research and real competitive game situations. It gives you concise straight talk and no-bull strategies to win at any sports.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert brain trainer, open your mind to the ideas in this eBook series and you’ll increase your success ratio in your personal and professional life.

Change your brain, change your thoughts.

A healthy brain is one of your most important asset. Stay fit, eat healthy and be grateful for your life. See you on the other side.

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