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The Genie Inside You

        << A man lost in a forest found a lamp. He didn't know that it was a magical lamp.

He rubbed the lamp and suddenly a double of himself appeared in front of him.

He said, " Hi, how are you doing."

"Oh, so so," said the stunned onlooker.

"What can I do for you ?", asked the double image.

"Can you make any wish come true?", replied the man.

"Your wish is my command, said the genie double, doesn't that sound wishy-washy ?", he added.

"Ok my friend, make me happy " ?

"Pouf, let it be done in your mind."

"Make me strong without limitations."

"Pouf, let it be done in your mind."

"Make me rich beyond my wildest dreams."

"Pouf, let it be done in your mind."

"Oh genie of mine (the genie smiled at the thought of his double), my wishes are true right now."

"Yes, yes, yes, you are blessed in this life."

"Pouf and the genie disappeared into thin air." >>

"Do you believe in the genie inside you ?"

Believe this story is your story. Then enter and enjoy the wonderful world of stories.

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