How a sale motivation strategy made his family star salespeople

One of my favorite sale motivation stories is the one about Mr. Russel Fairchild from Liberty, Texas, president of Fairchild Enterprises.

Like many self-made millionaires, Mr. Fairchild started with a small amount of money but a large amount of desire and commitment to produce results.

In 1965, while he was still in school at the University of Houston he bought a dump truck, a back-hoe and began cleaning out building sites. He started with eighteen dollars and worked his way through university.

Profits that lie hidden
in sale motivation

Today his company, Fairchild Enterprises, owns seven businesses in the fields of landscaping, firewood, sawmills, chair manufacturing, Christmas tree farming, real estate buying and selling, land purchasing and development, and cattle ranching (three hundred heads of Texas Longhorn), now his favorite activity showing cattle.

But to what does he attribute a large part of his sale motivation success ?

He recalls when his mother began filming him in 1955 with 8 mm movie cameras which had no sound. He used them as much as today's fancy camcorders. His mother would drive down to school and film every wrestling match he had, and a lot of practices.

He watched his films over and over again and studied every move his coach explained to him. As a result, Mr. Fairchild developed a keen visual sense of observation as a way of life. His mother recorded everything the family would do.

How to do wonders with sale motivation strategies

Today he records with passion and belief everything his kids ever do. And they produce results with sale motivation techniques. They are all winners of world championships showing cattle.

Was it luck or hard work ?

On the road to success, he videotaped every show that they were in, to see how they could do it better. He is a great believer in the dictum that repetition is the mother of skill.

They study the videotapes of every show they attend. Use them to learn every detail in sale motivation. They've even gone so far as to videotape judges and taken a look at a single judge from two years back just to prepare themselves before a show.

Here is a man who clearly believes in the power of video. Of course, he still uses video in all of his business activities. For example with his Christmas tree and real estate salespeople, he uses video a lot to teach sale motivation strategies.

He attributes high productivity and sale motivation to the feedback he gives them all the time. Also, he believes that by showing them their strengths and weaknesses, he saves a lot of confrontations.

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After all these years, does the power of video feedback truly work for him and his family ?

The older kids are always confident because they see themselves on tape over and over again. Now his twelve-year-old daughter Julie is really learning. And he's so proud of her because of the fact that she wasn't a natural and that now she is quickly becoming one.

Mr. Fairchild is the Texas director of the International Longhorn Association and he is proud of what his whole family has accomplished in the last decade. Since they showed their first world champion in 1984, they have had champions in every year. Also, in the last eight shows, the Fairchild family has shown seventy-nine champions. And in 1990 they won an unbelievable thirteen firsts at the world finals.

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In this sale motivation story, the power of video succeeds because one man decided to use his camcorder on a continuous basis to improve the performance of his family and the sale motivation of his business associates. Click here to read more about sale motivation and to discover a proven formula used by the most successful people in the world.

As Mr. Fairchild truly understands that when you steadily videotape your objective, in the long run it's going to work. Each day to succeed, you must zoom in on your objective.

Most of the objectives that you have in your video program like enhancing your peak performance in health, wealth, and personal development need a systematic and scientific proven method.

Videotaping your success models does not happen without hard work and action. It's all the preparation and application of your knowledge that cause you to experience success. In order to focus on your objective, you must choose the best channels to your sale motivation success.

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