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Today when you watch television, think about how you can use a motivational idea program to change your mind and change your habits.

For example, you will consistently see commercials that try to sell you products and ideas.

Now here are some motivational ideas you can use to influence your behaviors and feelings with a 15, 30, or 60-second ad:

1. Focus on a single change.

2. Grab your attention.

3. Use a key visual.

4. Tell a story with pictures.

5. Use words that create powerful emotions.

6. Use catch phrases, jingles and a unique name.

7. Take close-ups.

8. Punish and reward the viewer.

9. And build a story with a series of ads . . .

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In addition, here are six more motivational idea programs you can use to increase credibility and believability in your success program:

1. Use a demonstration to show advantages.

2. Use testimonials to make a claim believable.

3. Use a presenter for news.

4. Use a Slice-Of-Life to get you involved.

5. Use strong emotions to focus your attention.

6. And use animation for special purposes.

Of course you can use these strategies to create a similar storyline with this motivational idea program for you.

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