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Pat Riley, a big fan of the use of motivation in sports and ex-coach of the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, and now coach of the Miami Heat team, explains in his best-selling book, The Winner Within, how he uses video data to consistently enhance the performance of his team.

For example, he'll pull together scenes from games and edit them in minute details. He'll show his players one opposing player isolated moving against different defenders.

He'll also review with his team a complete set of defensive strategies.

In fact with this motivation in sports technique, he's convinced that when a player gets to see himself doing a mistake that he can correct it, or that when he sees himself doing a great play that he can replicate it over and over again.

He firmly believes video editing and motivation in sports give his team the mental edge. Personally, he remembers when he coached the Los Angeles Lakers to victory in the National Basketball Association (NBA) championship two years in a row. They were the first team in nineteen years to accomplish this feat.

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More specifically, he remembers reviewing the last game of their second championship on videotape as a motivation in sports tool and listening over and over again to Dick Stockton, the play-by-play announcer for CBS, as he described the last seconds of their unbelievable three seven-game series victories on the road to their amazing achievement.

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Roger Nielson, assistant coach of the Ottawa Senators, is another professional coach who consistently uses videotapes and motivation in sports tools to help himself and his hockey players prepare for every game. Previously as head coach of the New York Rangers in the 1991-92 season he helped his team finish first overall in the National Hockey League eighty-game season for the first time in twenty-one years.

In fact, Roger uses videotapes so often that he's been nicknamed, "Captain Video." For example, he can replay tapes of previous games and break down every strategy used by a team and every skill used by a player. Of course, he truly knows how to take advantage of an opposing team's weaknesses and how to help a player improve his skills.

Now try this fun exercise as a motivation in sports strategy, replay a videotape of a team sport event like basketball, football, baseball, or hockey. Then analyze and review some segments of one game.

More specifically, focus your attention on successful plays and imagine discussing with team members the importance of working together and motivation in sports strategy.

Talk and discuss about the great team plays and why they worked.

Discuss your own individual performance expectations and Motivation in sports process then comment on the team's expectations and cooperative efforts.

Finally, replay highlights of successful teamwork Motivation in sports then transfer these lessons to everyday life situations.

How specifically can you use audio/video disks and tapes to heigthen your motivation in sports?

Well once you complete your performance, you can study your disks or tapes instantly, edit "in" or "out" different segments, and store your entire video disks and tapes in your library to review them later. Amazingly your video disks and tapes can give you information about success and errors. They can also be a positive or negative reinforcer and a powerful motivating force. In the beginning you will enjoy seeing yourself on a TV screen, but slowly the effects will dissipate unless you use smart editing.

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Most important, you can definitely use all of these video feedback strategies as an athlete as well as a coach during the cyclical process of competition, observation, analysis, and practice.

Also, you can use your video disk or tape models to measure (chart your progress) the complete range of your performance in terms of shots on goal, turnovers, penalty shots, hits, and misses.

In addition, you can analyze your verbal and nonverbal behaviors with The Viewer's Observation Checklist (see Chapter 17, Skills Information), and rehearse correct performances with mental imagery (The Screen Test, read Chapter 17, Skills Information), self-talk, and simulations immediately after viewing your model. To learn more go to Motivation in sports: Master The Science Of Peak Performance.

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Whom should you observe when you want to learn sport skills and motivation in sports strategies ?

Of course, the most appropriate models include the best teachers, professional coaches, top-ranked amateurs, and professional athletes. As a matter of fact, people attribute more characteristics of competence, prestige, social power, age, and physical similarity to high-status models.

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Paul Kariya, winner of the most gentleman players' trophy in the NHL, plays ice hockey for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. In a great article by Roy MacGregor, a sports journalist at The Ottawa Citizen, he recounts how Paul studied videotapes of the legendary Bobby Orr.

As part of his motivation in sports strategy program, Paul analyzes each movement of his mastery model in detail. More specifically, he noticed how Bobby Orr used five speeds to accelerate and control the tempo of different game situations. So far, he has copied three speeds.

Paul consistently uses motivation in sports strategies and is one of the top rated NHL players at this moment. Not only is he a great player but a gentleman on and off the ice. He is a tribute to the game of hockey.

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