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Who is this sport personality ?

Tony Gwyn is a master hitter in professional baseball.

Early on in his career he nearly lost his job as a baseball player. He felt degraded and hit back with a vengeance.

But how did he do it ?

Today Tony Gwyn played for the San Diego Padres. And when he was nearly cut from his first professional baseball team, he responded by watching videos of his performances. He immediately started correcting errors in his swing.

He repeatedly watched and studied videotapes. Truly he was a perfectionist with his batting swing.

Amazingly then, he logged heavy video and editing equipment to home and away games. It was really an obsession with him. As of this year, Tony is still the only pro baseball player to have won the batting championship five times in a row.

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Tony Gwyn's strategies

Like Tony Gwyn, it's important for you to break down a movement into sub-skills to highlight the differences between a correct and incorrect movement pattern.

First, you observe a coping or mastery model of the movement pattern. In Tony Gwyn's case, he studied a model of himself hitting singles, doubles, triples and home runs.

Secondly, you record different scenes simultaneously from various angles to register key points in the movement pattern. Unfortunately, Tony Gwyn could not do this in his era but now you can just like any other sport personality.

Thirdly, you observe your performance immediately after recording, and follow-up your viewing with an immediate performance. That's what Tony Gwyn did after a replay.

Fourthly, while you review your video disk or tape model, you control the slow-motion, frame-by-frame, pause and replay functions on your remote control to fully analyze your performance. Tony Gwyn took responsibility for his actions and turned a liability into an asset like any other famous sport personality.

Finally, you quickly identify and correct errors in your movement patterns on disk or tape and in practice. This was Tony's first priority.

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