Motivation tip program from a TV soap

Here's another great motivation tip that has worked miracles.

In a series of Taster's Choice commercials, a loving couple became the hottest new soap opera characters on television. It all started when Matthew answered the doorbell in his Manhattan condo and stared into Alexandra's sexy eyes. What did she need?

She wanted to borrow some coffee because she was throwing a dinner party.

He hands over a jar of what else Taster's Choice and then says:

"I hope this isn't too sophisticated for your guests."

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In the sequel, Alexandra returns the coffee and surprises Matt hving dinner with another woman. They meet again at a party thrown by his sister Emma. Then Matt knocks on Alexandra's door to find her in the company of another man.

We learn with relief that the man is her brother. Next, Matt leaves the country on a business trip but from a phone booth gives her the name of his hotel.

The story bounces back and forth with romantic interludes when at last Matthew tells her, "I love you," and they go back to bed.

This story-like commercial which was one of America's favorite can be used in your motivation tip program.

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