The power of body language secret

In one exciting scientific research on body language secret, Dr. Albert Meharbian at the University of California discovered the effects of nonverbal behaviors, voice, and words in communication with others.

Now which part of communication do you think is the most important ?

People attribute:

-> 55% of your communication to your body language secret (nonverbal behavior),

-> 38% to your voice inflections (volume, tone, pitch), and

-> 7% to the words you use.

What you should know about your body language secret

The message is clear. People who watch your body language code and decode it to see if it matches with your voice and choice of words. If you think about it, we do it unconsciously and automatically whenever we meet or see someone.

All of our past programming will affect our reactions to another person. But there is a clear danger present.

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Body language secrets and
wrong messages

We may associate negative body language with the wrong messages. In other words, we may interpret what the other person sincerely means with negative connotations.

The trick is to ask questions to unravel any discrepancies or incongruencies in the other person's actions.

How to discover your own body language secrets

Quite a simple task when you ask the right questions to get the right answers. I invite you to click here to learn more about body language secret and breakthrough learning methods.

Don't let your body language secret lose your dream

Stand up and walk over to a mirror. Now look at yourself and ask yourself this question: Is my body language secret happy ? You know the answer. Now go there.

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