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The Complete Player: The Psychology of Winning Hockey by Dr.Saul Miller, Trade paperback published September 2001 by Stoddart Publishing, ISBN: 0773762213

In my opinion, this book is a masterpiece as you'll learn in this free book summary.

Ok, you may think I am going overboard but hey Dr. Saul Miller hits it on the nail. He teaches important psychological skills that you need to master to excel at winning in sport and life.

Dr. Miller is the sport psychologist who said that the great Wayne Gretzky was going overboard with his comments about the officiating in the 2002 Olympics. Well Canada won the gold medal but was it because Wayne complained about the referees ?

Personally I think Wayne's comments could only help and Canada sure had a great roster.

And you never become a celebrity without being judged on your behaviors and show of emotions. Right or wrong Alice ?

How this free book summary can help you become a star

In the book, Dr. Miller talks about the psychological profile a hockey player needs to make it in the National Hockey League.

He describes the mental training techniques he has successfully employed with a wide range of professional hockey players, including such greats as Mark Messier, Curtis Joseph, Steve Yzerman, Dominik Hasek, and Brett Hull.

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More speccifically he offers tips on a wide variety of subjects, such as

- > how to play better defence (use attentional strategies appropriate to your position: wide, narrow, internal and external),

- > how to deal with personality conflicts on and off the ice,

- > and how to build a player's confidence.

Free book summary tip:

When you learn new skills individually, you can progress substantially faster because you won't face opposition. But when you face an opponent or stiff competition, you will need to react to your adversaries. What's more, you will improve faster because you're learning from the best. To be the best, you have to compete with the best.

He also offers budding players advice on what it takes to make it in the big league, and what scouts look for when they are recruiting. He refers to a website athleticsuccess.com which is not available when I search for it.

How to achieve peak performance with this free book summary

Free book summary question: Why do some players score lots of goals, yet others with apparently equal skills rarely score at all?

Answer: They stay focused on their outcomes by reacting to external cues from opposing players and goalies.

Free book summary question: How is it that some players are easily distracted by the pressure and violence of the game, while others are able to stay focused?

Answer: They let their mind react to external cues from other players who distract them from their outcomes.

Free book summary question: How do players get "up" for the game, shift after shift, night after night?

Answer: Each player has their own individual personality. They must prepare according to their arousal state and use the same routine to get psych night after night.

Free book summary question: And, most of all, how can I improve my game?

Answer: Here's one possible answer. Create a videotape highlighting your success.

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