Motivational free e-card

How to do wonders with your motivational free e-card ?

Frequent replays of success images will immediately trigger inside you feelings and skills.

Questions and replays that reinforce your behaviors will give you a feeling of certainty and provide you with reasons to believe in yourself. If you don't have any disks or tapes of your past achievements, then ask yourself questions like

> What are some of my happiest memories ? or

> Which skills are my best ?

to retrieve from your creative memory great feelings and experiences about yourself. And remember to record your answers to produce your personal audio, video, print and free e-cards to create your success program.

Are you ready now to plan your success program ?

Are you willing to put on your director's cap and let your creative memory loose ?

Are you ready to write your masterpieces, draw your key visuals, choose your special effects, and produce the success programs you know can change your life instantly ?

As your assistant director, I'll help you with creative ideas like your personal self-modeling video and your motivational free e-card.

And so far we've learned a tremendous number of skills together, most of which you'll put to use as you take action in your personal multimedia projects.

Some of these skills are going to be useful in some of your projects while others will be stored away in your creative memory, on standby, until just the right shoot.

As the director of your production house, you'll really make the important decisions that can transform a miss hit into a smash hit.

Take charge of your life with The Success Program.

Imprint your mind with positive images.

Remind your mind that you are a success.

Email this free e-card to your friends as a free gift.

And let your decisions make your dreams come true.

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