A basketball motivation strategy that keeps
you in the zone

In an interesting study on basketball motivation, Drs. Evelyn G. Hall and Elisabeth S. Errfmeyer at Louisiana State University used ideal video modeling to improve the free-throw accuracy of highly skilled women college basketball players.

More specifically, the ideal modeling tape showed a female basketball player executing ten consecutive foul shots with perfect form.

What makes this basketball motivation strategy so effective ?

The observing players viewed the scene from the back of the mastery model. And as they reviewed the ideal modeling tape, they were encouraged to step into the players body and imagine themselves to be taking the shots. They were to associate themselves with the model.

Most interesting this basketball motivation strategy is used in hockey, football, ping pong, tennis and many more sports. .

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Peak performances that lie hidden in basketball motivation tapes

Also during the videotape presentation, they could hear the sounds of the bouncing ball and the swish of the net as the ball penetrated into the hoop. All of this took place in a dimly lit room.

They reviewed the tape for two minutes, then closed their eyes to imagine themselves making a perfect shot, and repeated the process over a twenty-minute period.

Amazingly in this study on basketball motivation, over a short period of time and with some repeated observations of the ideal video model, these players increased their foul shooting percentages from 72 to 82 percent, while other players using imagery only over the same period remained at exactly the same level of performance.

The secrets of ovecoming a slump with basketball motivation tapes

One sport psychologist suggested to an NBA coach to use this basketball motivation strategy to help a player recover from a slump..

The coach had a videotape made of the slumping (unidentified) player's personal highlights slam dunks, great passes, timely steals, and perfect assists and showed it to him.

In fact, he did show it to him twenty times over a thirty-game period.

So what happened?

While reviewing this basketball motivation ideal self-modeling tape, he increased his point production by 41 percent and steals by 60 percent, not bad for a player recovering from a slump!

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