Here is the writing business letter best kept secret

What is the best kept secret in writing business letter copy ?

Are you sitting down ?

The best kept secret of sales letter copy is :

You can't sell anything if you can't get people to read (or listen to) your business letter copy and believe your sales pitch.

Do I hear laughing ?

What ?

You don't believe me.

You say that I am telling you old news.

You say that I've finally lost it. You say that everyone knows what I am telling you.

Well, if everyone knows it then why are 4 out of 5 pieces of sales copy that I get in the mail and by email too boring to finish reading ? The same with web copy sales letters.

Why have studies shown that up to 80% of all of business letters get thrown out before the fourth sentence is read, and that up to 50% of letters are thrown out without the envelope being opened. And that surfers click after only 5 seconds if they are waiting for a page to download or find the reading boring.

If everyone knows this why are 9 out of 10 websites with sales copy not profitable ?

If everyone knows that you can't sell anything if you can't get people to read or listen to and believe your writing business letter copy, then why are 90 to 98% of the writing business letter, phone solicitations, of no interest to anyone except the person who writes them ?

Oh, no. This is not commonly known. People THINK that they know it until they sit down with a pen or at the computer and suddenly because they wrote the writing business letter or web copy, they think it is of great value.

A while back two retired gentlemen stopped by my office to talk to me. They were lucky to find me in and available. I liked their spunk and the fact that they knew about three times more about computers than I did. We talked.

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One (we'll call him Harry) said that he had a great program for any IBM clone. He had posted an ad on CompuServe, sent his business letter copy to the very many people who responded, but received no orders.

He asked me why?

I really got a kick out of this meeting because these gents did not even purchase my program, and I get $550.00 an hour for face to face consultations, (when I accept a consultation). So, I asked Harry if he would read his writing business letter copy if he hadn't written it. He said, Well, Pierre he told me it was a bit wordy. Wordy, I said, is a tactful way of saying boring.

This is not a unique situation. It happens to me every day of the week. People write and send writing business letter copy that they themselves would have tossed out if someone else had sent it to them. For some reason, that I still fail to understand after 24 years in the business, people think it is different when writing business letter copy or email sales piece. People seem to be so thrilled at having written it, selling a product of their own, that they forget that the copy has to be interesting to others.

Writing business letter is salesmanship in print. It should be as close to reading the way you or your very best salesperson would talk. Your letter writing example should explain the value of the item from the customer's point of view. It needs to be strong, dynamic, and believable.

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