Michelle Phan, youtube stars, and how Your Make-up and Your Business Idea can help you make moolah

Michelle Phan.. do you know her. Are you a fan ? I couldn’t help the pun.

She’s one of many youtube stars with unbelievable stories. Maybe you don’t want to become a youtube star but her story has many lessons you can use to change anything in your life.

Are you sitting down ?

As of today she has 1,521,624 subscribers on her youtube channel. She’s the most subscribed female on Youtube. Not bad for a 24 year old. I only have 82 but I’m getting there ;-) !

She also signed a lucrative contract with Lancôme US to promote their products.

You guessed it.

She is a youtube make-up artist. She sets up her camera beside her computer and videotapes herself doing make-up. Then she produces her videos with a Mac computer and iMovie. Fancy doodle stuff.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the magic.

Oh yeah she pulls in about $250,000 from her youtube videos in partnership with youtube. Not bad, now I’m interested.

After her videos were hitting millions of views she was noticed by youtube metric people, the guys in the backroom who measure everything we do online. They noted that some of her Lady Gaga make-up videos hit the 20 and 30 million views. Ouch ! Ok she must be on to something…

Born from Vietnamese-American parents, she studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has always studied art and taught herself on to paint with watercolors and oil since the age of twelve.

Let’s get serious for a minute.

Ok she knows how to paint, she has the degree, and she knows how to make youtube videos. In business lingo, she has the product and the skills.

Now as far as marketing, she reaches her target clients online first with youtube, then her blog website, twitter (her twitter name is ricebunny) and facebook. Smart lady!

But what’s the business idea breakthrough that brought her to youtube stardom and financial success?

No one else was teaching artist make-up online. So it is unique.

Also she linked her artistry with famous stars like Lady Gaga, Tim Burton, Snow White, Vampires, Sailor Moon, Avatars and many more… to bump up her views on youtube.

She even has a mission statement:

“To help women empower themselves with this art, makeup. Believe it or not, you can transform your life with one lipstick. Women have stronger careers, future and self esteem when they feel confident and beautiful.”

Now she is branching out. More products, more services, more marketing and more money.

She just launched a gaming channel with video game host Adande Throne called PressStart.

Phan is part of the JedRoot, Inc. family of makeup artists. She has worked backstage at the Chris Benz fashion show during New York Fashion Week 2008 and the Chris Benz Fall 2010 fashion show in New York. She did make-up backstage for the Michael Kors Spring 2010 Collection event. Michelle Phan was also the make-up artist for Late Night Alumni's music video, "Finally Found."

Truly Michelle Phan is a great role model for young people. She studied her craft, came up with an original idea, taught her skills online, associated her products with famous people and used social marketing to touch her target market.

Wow, wow and wow dear Michelle Phan I'm a fan. Simply amazing young lady. I bow to you and wish you the best of success.

Watch her in action with her most viewed youtube stars video...

Just Imagine Your Success and Do It Now,

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P.S. Michelle Phan used make-up to model her success models. I guess I better start using make-up in my youtube videos.

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