How youtube can help you brand yourself as a celebrity and add to your social media buzz

Corey Vidal ended up in a homeless shelter then went on to make $50,000 a month as a celebrity on

How did this happen?

His big break came from one youtube video

As you`ll see in the video below, he lip synched a Star Wars medley of songs cappella style in his first hit.

The video went from 30,000 to 100,000 to a million to 19 million views and he ended up making $50,000 in one month.

It took him 4 hours to produce the video.

Also the video was nominated for a People`s Choice Awards as Best Online video of the Year.

He made $10,000 grand off of youtube ads the next month.

Then the money started to roll in. He licensed the video to marketing and advertising agencies who reached out to him. Now he partners with youtube. 

A smart move.

Today he makes millions. Move over Taylor Swift.

Living the digital dream: Young People are becoming video sensations - and making a profit

Why They Will Help You

As a matter of fact, video mentors teach would-be millionaires at workshops often sponsored by companies like Buffer. They learn how to build a fan base and produce videos. Of course it is to their advantagge because they make money off of advertisers.

Think of youtube as a real estate company recruiting agents they pay a commission when they flash ads from sellers. You can`t lose when you recruit the winners with the most sales (views) and you pay them a small commission compared to your profits.

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Free eBook on Video Marketing

If you want to get started, this free eBook is a quick read but it teaches you analytics and how to produce videos that attract millions of fans.

I love it.

Another eBook on Video Marketing

This eBook sells for $4.70 US as I write these words. Christopher Sharpe explains how he made money with his youtube channels.

Of course, he lived with his mother at the age of 30. Hey what the heck, it`s the economy ;-)!

Mommy I`m coming back home. He eventually made is fortune.

Lessons from the studio floor

Ok you`ve read these rags to riches story before. Remember while they were homeless or living with their mom, they were learning their craft, film and movie productions. So you do need to learn how to shoot films, movies or clips.

You also have to create a unique channel to reach your target market. Whether it is how to apply make up when you are drunk or sell a tongue cleaner.

It`s not a one-shot deal. You have to work at it and produce your wacky videos consistently, on-time and with great production skills, sounds, cuts, close-ups whatever is in your bag of tricks. You also need the computer, the software, the lighting, the camera and your Internet connection. There are start-up costs.

Can you make it here?

Like the song resonates, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!

It takes practise, good acting skills, great production skills and ideas. And sometimes just one stupid idea to hit it out of the ball park.

How about a channel on poutine recipes for the overweight crowd... to be continued ;-)!

P.S. Again the stage is set. With social media platforms the doors are open for you to make money. Give me a call if you need help with marketing ideas. I can make great poutine marketing mash-ups for you.