Weight loss motivation programs that distort reality

Weight loss motivation when you want to lose pounds is a tricky business.

For example, imagine you're watching TV commercials about dieting. Do you think you would be more prone to snack while watching a TV program with these ads if you're aware of your weight?

Well, according to a recent study, you would definitely be more likely to snack and destroy your weight loss motivation program.

In this study, while viewing a movie, hungry subjects had access to M&M's® and peanuts. And a control group watched the movie with "neutral" commercials, while the experimental group watched the movie with diet-related ads in the mix.

Surprisingly, those with diet-related ads ate nearly as much during the movie. Researchers explain that images of extremely successful dieters on TV caused viewers to succumb to these temptations because the results seemed unattainable.

Similarly when you view exercise videos of super-slim models, your expectations may lead you to sabotage your healthy eating habits and fitness level.

In fact, the best strategy is to imitate coping models that demonstrate step-by-step techniques and strategies that have helped them establish a lifelong process of living health.

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