The secret of this
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Who is this fitness model ?

Whenever Oscar award-winning actress Cher feels a bout of frustration and tension coming on, she uses many little tricks to handle her stress.

For example, she'll insert a movie in her VCR, hop on a treadmill, and start to walk at a fast pace to dissipate her stress and anxiety. She'll make exercising as appealing and fun as possible.

If she feels lonely, she'll invite a group of friends at her home, share her tapes, and do different classes.

How to master peak performance with this fitness model

Sometimes if she is working out to an audiotape of her routine, she'll put on a TV show or tape just to have something to look at.

Or when she feels unmotivated to do her exercises in the morning before she goes off to work, she'll watch an exercise program on videotape because she knows the person on the tape will always be energetic and upbeat.

She says, "Even if it's six o'clock in the morning, your model on tape is enthusiastic and has brought the music."

She also watches some fantastic shows on cable stations such as Joanie Greggains' Morning Show and Gilad's Bodies in Motion that she tapes and uses at her convenience.

Now after working off regular "classes" on audiotapes for ten years, the classes have become indelibly imprinted into her mind. She doesn't even need to see her instructors anymore, only hear them, and of course she moves from one series of exercise to the next without thinking.

Often if we record enough scenes in our new program, our brain will automatically register these images and sounds to give us the feelings and behaviors we desire.

This fitness model helps you visualize success

This is why fitness model Cher who had embedded her video images from her programs into her mind did not need to see a picture of her instructor. Her audiotapes guided her in her exercise program to create the same kinds of actions that makes her fit for life.

The key to this fitness model, then, is for us to consciously record and organize new behaviors and feelings with which we choose to replace old ones.

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