How a seen on TV product made him a star salesman

Now here is the story of one of the most successful entrepreneur of a seen on TV product who initiated one of the first "As Seen On TV" infomercials. Ron Popeil started to sell his products mostly kitchen appliances at fairs and Woolworths across the country.

One day, he decided to try and advertise his products on television. He said to himself:

"Why not advertise on TV and make it available to TV viewers only via mail order and a1-800-43-RONCO (the name of his company) phone number ?"

How to make money with
a seen on TV product

In fact, he thought millions of buyers of his products could send a money order or check to aTV station or post office box number. And boy was he right !

"Ladies and Gentleman, I'mgoing to show you the greatestkitchen appliance ever made !"- Ron Popeil

New . . . a seen on TV product makes your cooking easier

For example, he advertised the Veg-O-Matic, a slicing and dicing kitchen appliance, and sold more than eleven million units at $7.77.

His headline read, "Slices and dices and juliennes to perfection."

Imagine . . . holding an audience speelbound with a
TV product

He rarely used any scripts in his presentations because he rehearsed all of them at fairs and Woolworth kiosks. His first commercials were in black-and-white with a simple kitchen counter.

No fancy camera shots, no audiences, no music, or wipes and dissolves. Good old plain salesmanship.

Now he hosts his own infomercial program, "Incredible Inventions," in a rented studio with a hostess, Charla Rhines, a paid audience ($35 each and a lunch for the day), multicameras, music, and sophisticated editing equipment.

The total cost for his first infomerciala hovered around $33,000. Today you may be looking at $75,000 or more.

An infomercial program is twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds in length. During his a seen on TV product programs, he usually interacts with his hostess and audience. In one ofhis other famous a seen on TV product, he sold his Pasta Machine at $159.80. And to increase his profits, he came up with the idea of four easy payments of $39.95 to alleviate buyer's remorse.

Would you believe that he sold more than 250,000 units with gross profits around $40 million dollars ? Yes, and that's not all folks.

He used back-end marketing strategies to make more money. As soon as they get the buyer on the phone, they ask him to purchase more accessories like pasta shaping dies, four-way ravioli makers, a video cookbook, and all for just an additional $39.95.

With his GLH (hair spray that covers bald spots) he became a media celebrity. In fact, he appeared on 20/20, Prime Time Live, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and Connie Chung,Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Maury Povich Show, The Joan Rivers Show, USA Today and he was featured in many newspapers.

A seen on TV product is
a fast way to riches

Here is a sample of his record sales:

-> Veg-O-Matic 11 million units at $7.77.

-> Pasta Machine 250,000 units at $159.80.

-> Twenty Top Hits by the Original Stars records. 500,000 units at $3.99 to $4.99 total $22,500,000 in sales.

-> The Buttoneer (sows on buttons automatically) 540,000 units at $4.99.

-> GLH (hair spray that covers bald spots) 900,000 cans in one year at $19.95.

-> Ronco Spray Gun (washes your car and fertilizes your lawn) 1 million in 4 years.

What's more amazing about the a seen on TV product business is that you know everymorning how many products you've sold the previous day. Most callers pay with their creditcards and operators register their purchase online with computers. And the money is directly deposited in your company's bank account.

How about that for instant wealth!

Can you duplicate Ron Popeil's success with a seen on TV product ?

He believes you can do it. But first you have to obey three rules.

1. Create the right product that's needed by lots of people at the right price and the right time.

2. Solve a problem by asking a question. And

3. Move quickly because copycats will do so and cut into your profit potential easily.

To find and develop a unique product, you need to study trends, apply new technology,improve a best-selling product, save the customer time, and imagine you're from another planet(he prefers Mars).

How to plan the sale of
a seen on TV product

Remember that 97% of people who go into a seen on TV products lose money. But if you usea step-by-step approach, your chances of success are greater plus you won't lose the shirt off yourback.

So how can you test you're as seen on TV serviceor product ?

You can laugh at money worries with a seen on TV product infomercial proven formula

First, test it at fairs and discover its potential sales power. Next, go to two or three small broadcast TV stations. Hire a good telemarketing company like . . .

West Tele-marketing (9910 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68134, 1-800-542-1000) who will provide you with 800 numbers, answer your calls, and do back-end sales of your accessories.And remember to focus on your product and get a fulfillment house to ship your products. Then expand into other cities gradually.

Stay away from cable stations because their viewer numbers are oftentimes inflated. To start off, buy two or three small cities like Sacramento, Las Vegas, Raleigh, or Bangor for the first two weeks. Next, increase your target market to five or six demographic areas and buy for only one week. You can get more detailed information with a TV advertiser's book from Standard Rate and Data Services (available at most local libraries and on the web at a subscription price).

You start small, take your profits, and pyramid your success. Success breeds success. Then you'll arrive with a sure winner at the big audience centers like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Ron suggests you don't spend more than $25,000 tops for your first big week. In one tremendous success, Ron spent 60 million in 3 years on advertising for the Food Dehydrator. Inhis first week, he spent $40,000 because of the cash flow coming in and went as high as $500,000 (an exception !).

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When is the best time to air your a seen on TV product ?

Late nights, weekends, and early mornings give the best results when people are in the alphastate (very relaxed). Sometimes a one- or two-minute direct-response ad will work if yourproduct sells for under $30, but for higher ticket items, it's best to use the full-length a seen onTV product.

During your a seen on TV product, you need to ask for the order at least two or three times60 percent through the commercial. Give the viewer enough information to help him make up hismind.

The secrets of selling a
seen on TV product

Sometimes you can negotiate a per-inquiry deal with some local broadcasters desperate formoney. They give you air time for free and pick up a percentage of each sale. Unfortunately, thisstrategy can backfire if you get a high rate of returns and not enough air time. Yes, you can runinto problems and lose money.

Ron came up with a stroke of genius when he asked General Mills to use their Gold Medalflour with his Pasta Machine during his a seen on TV product. In fact, they offered him $100,000for this service (WOW!). And he arrived at a similar agreement of $10,000 with the BertolliOlive Oil Company just to showcase the bottle on the screen. With this money, he paid his production costs.

Always remember to videotape your guest appearances on TV or ask for a free copy of thetape. Also, you can use clips from your TV appearance to insert in your a seen on TV product orplay them on a VCR at your kiosk.

How to make more money with
a seen on TV product

Next, once your a seen on TV product is a success, you can easily get a home shoppingagreement with QVC or The Home Shopping Network. Of course, you need to submit yourproduct for review.

Most important, TV exposure gets you into retail stores and onto The Home ShoppingNetwork or QVC where the real money is made. Once you've sold your product on TV, you canuse these ads to upsell to the retail industry.

Imagine if you sell only one of your products every week to retail giants like Wal-Mart,K-Mart, Target, Costco, Sam's Wholesale Club, Caldors, Macy's, Thrifty, Walgreen andWoolworth that amounts to a total of 6,600 stores times 52 times your profit margin. And if yourprofit margin is $20, then you rake in $6.8 million dollars. Not bad, if I can say so myself !

Here are some more a seen on TV product success stories as related by Ron Popeil in hisbook, The Salesman of the Century.

General Publishing sold out 8,000 books worth $240,000 in sales in 17 minutes, its entiresupply of the 20th anniversary book to celebrate CBS's 60 Minutes.

Also, home shopping network QVC host Bob Bowersox sold 155,000 copies in 24 hours ofhis book, In the Kitchen with Bob. Remember though that Bob appears regularly on QVC andviewers know him very well. But still it's an impressive number of book sales.

What does the a seen on TV product guru, Ron Popeil, watch on TV ?

He watches TV commercials and a seen on TV products on one of a dozen TV sets all overhis house, all with VCRs. Unbelievably, he doesn't watch his competitors' a seen on TVproducts, occasionally he watches 60 Minutes and 20/20. I invite you to read Ron Popeil's great book, The Salesman of the Century.

What does the future reserve for television and computers ?

Some people envision viewers will click on their remote control, drop down a menu, give out their credit card info, buy, and give out their address. And that most products and services offered will be personalized to satisfy every clients needs. Fact or fiction ?

Well for sure today streaming video can save you thousands of dollars in production costs for your TV products and commercials.

Also, the Internet provides you with the opportunity to sell your products and services with a seen on TV product directly to your consumers.

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