The truth about Michael Phelps, visualization, mental training and winning

Michael Phelps

The truth about Michael Phelps, visualization, mental training and winning

One of Michael Phelps key secret to winning is the use of mental imagery.

For example the night before a race, he pictures exactly how he wants to race in the pool.

Every minute detail is visualized: the starts, the strokes, the walls, the turns, the ends, and the strategies. Michael even programs solutions if his goggles fill with water or his swim cap comes off.

Imagine he sees in his mind's eye vivid details of the race even the way the water moves as he glides through it.

Why does he do this mental training for winning?

He programs his unconscious mind to win.

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Every race doesn't turn out exactly as he imagined it but more often than not it mirrors his unconscious conditioning.

He trains his brain daily.

"With so many people saying it couldn't be done, all it takes is an imagination." - Michael Phelps

This unconscious process reminds me the way I use my camera.

When I use my digital camera and when I'm in "a my zone state," I click on a button to take pictures and movies. Next I save all my pictures and movies with the USB link from my camera to my computer.

With my site program, I save all my pictures and movies in the right cell file. Then I press on the dot when I come to my radio button to save and enter my personal ID numbers plus the date and year the event took place. You're also advised to enter your author credit for copyright notices.

Of course I use my flash card to backup all my pictures/movies and show them to others. By the way, you should always back up your files immediately.

Finally I show my pictures on other computers, where you can choose like others to pay for your order to access your product instantly. My images are delivered to my device in under a minute. It's that easy.

Michael Phelps is only one example of well-known athletes who use mental training for winning at the Olympics like a digital camera imprints the brain memory of a computer.

Before a race, he triggers the zone (read his unconscious programming) by listening to music. He wears iPod headphones then gets ready for the race. He's on automatic pilot.

Oh by the way, his favorite prerace music include artists such as Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, Eminem and Outkast to pump himself up for his races.

Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

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P.S. Visualization is part of the mental training for winning program.