Why Veterans can make
a difference in businesses and...

Why we should support veterans after their duty

Today I'd like to honor all brave veterans and soldiers who fought battles to save lives and keep our freedom alive.

Imagine you are ambushed on a patrol in Ganjgal, Afghanistan by Taliban insurgents who could wipe out 100 men. And you are ordered to remain behind.

What would you do?

Twenty-one year-old Marine corporal, Dakota Meyer, disobeyed orders and attacked to save 36 U.S. comrades and Afghan troopers.

With the help of an Army captain, an Afghan sergeant major, and two Marines, he repulsed enemy attackers and carried wounded soldiers to safety.

For his bravery, corporal Dakota Meyer became the first living Marine in three decades to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Dakota is a motivation speaker who uses his battle experience to encourage soldiers to start their own businesses. Also he encourages small and medium size businesses to hire them because they have hands-on experience with people of all walks of life.

He tells his story in his the New York Times best-selling book, Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War.

Today Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, a native of Columbia, Kentucky, is currently the president of Dakota Meyer Enterprises Incorporated and recently received his first federal contract from the Corps of Engineers.

He says, “Business is about people and people working together.”

Daily he uses his military communication skills to create working relationships in his personal and professional life. He puts aside the cultural differences he faces and builds constructive contacts.

Unfortunately many soldiers who come back from the battlefields suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and need help to find a job. Let us not forget them.

Remember these soldiers have so much to contribute to businesses and Dakota encourages them to network, interact and sell themselves to business owners.

Employers must know that they are...

  • proven leaders
  • possess discipline and problem-solving skills
  • communicate effectively
  • manage multiple tasks and
  • get the job done well.

Your business will benefit tremendously when you hire our heroes. I have had the opportunity to meet some of them and believe me they are strong people mentally and physically.

Right now, I strongly encourage businesses to tap into this great pool of talent and manpower.

I salute all soldiers who risk their lives for their country and their fellow citizen. Godspeed.

P.S. Thank you veterans.