The story of the tree lady

I invite you to read and watch the lovely story of the Tree Lady.

This is a special week between Earth Day and Arbor Day.

I share with you the beautiful meaning of nature, and what they symbolize and how they empower, complimentary of my friend, Cindy.

Please watch and listen to the story of how one woman is changing the face and the color of the planet, of our lives, of our belief in what is possible!

This 9 min. 54 sec. video shows how she sees the forest as "a way of expressing the freedom of the people to develop, grow, and flourish."

Pretty amazing!

We join in and are ready to collectively plant 18 billion of them and educate millions, to create a Healthy Mother Earth, with a passion!

Thank you, Wangari Maathai, from the bottom of our natural roots.

It is wonderful that grass roots are celebrated on special days and for special occasions aound the world.

Today's Arbor Day. It is a national holiday in the US, celebrated on the last Friday in April.

And, interestingly enough, individual states celebrate Arbor Day on varying days throughout the year, from the 3rd Friday in January (Florida) to the 1st Friday in November (Hawaii), depending on the best season to plant... !

Arbor Day is a cultural holiday, and the significance of today is simple and profound, a holiday celebrating nature!

The practical celebrations of this GREEN holiday include educating about the importance of nature."

Visit Plant USA love this day.

~ Just Imagine Your Success,

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P.S. Plant a tree today and make this world a better place to live