The 11 transformation tenants of a billionaire

Watch and listen to the transformation message from a billionaire.

How can you transform your life?

The first tenant is to move with intention from the heart.

Wow !

How can we teach these tenants to others?

Well I believe that I have to be a model for others. My life is devoted to loving and sharing my knowledge and love with others.

If you move in that direction, you are a success.

Live in the present moment and stretch your values and beliefs beyond your physical self.

To consciously live in the present moment is your journey to happiness and success.

If you ask yourself this question...

"What shall I focus on right now?"

you self-direct your life.

But if you ask...

"What am I focusing on right now?"

you become self-aware.

Two different questions and two different reactions in your mind.

If you ask the first question: "What shall I focus on right now?" you choose your life and that is the best way to change your destiny.

Always remember that life is a journey and that you must enjoy the now because that is where you are right now. Direction is good but don't get overwelmed with comparisons with others.

Use your intuition and your heart to self-direct your life.

I'm not saying that it is easy nor that you won't go through lousy days. But persevere, repeat you success and move forward cause you only have one life to live on this blue earth of ours.

Now go do it.

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~ Just Imagine Your Success,


P.S. Transformation to perform.