Does subliminal advertising really work?

You've heard of subliminal advertising.

Derren Brown is a savvy hypnotist who delights in creating some shock television shows.

As you know I don't agree with many of his strategies and publicity stunts.

BUT in this experiment he primes two advertising creatives in an unusual experiment.

Of course the video is a great promotional tool for his persona or brand image. Check out the pinch and the wardrobe. It's all part of the brand game.

Watch the video of this quasi-experiment and make up your own mind.

The video lasts 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Does Derren Brown succeed in his experiment.

Watch carefully the video as Derren auto-suggest these creators unconscious brain by priming their mind.

Derren is a master hypnotist and great illusionist.

Study him to learn the secrets of NLP, images and word power.

Angel wings and a bear will become meaningful to you as you watch this video.

It's not magic as Derren reveals how he did it.

How can you use these same tools in your life to prime yourself to success.


Use external cues in your environment to trigger your thoughts and achieve your outcome.

Hang the posters, set up the post-it notes, use subli-software, write your success scripts, produce your modeling videos and the list goes on.

In my Ebook Winning series, I list hundreds of strategies you can use to improve your life, change your behaviors and emotions. It's all about tools you can use right now.

~ Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

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