Could you become a spanx billionaire with $5,000 dollars?

There are millionaires, multi-millionaires or the spanx billionaire, hey what's the difference? A BIG difference ! 

Her life purpose was to become a lawyer but she failed the LSAT test (a test to be accepted in law school).

How did she deal with the event? She asked herself some important questions you'll hear in the video below.

Afterwards she decided to start her own business with her life savings, $5,000 dollars.

Then she lived the Oprah moment (the call, "Hi, Sarah, Oprah Winfrey here, I'd love to have you on my TV program."), a chance to sell her second product on QVC (the infomercial channel) selling more than 8,000 in 6 minutes, launching a team and building an international team.


Who are her models?

Wayne Dyer (mind), Oprah Winfrey (power of authenticity) and Richard Branson (marketing). Hey, all of my buddies ;-)!

Can I hear my phone ringing? I have a new product that will change the world. 

OK who is this incredible lady?

The Spanx Billionaire

Her name is Sarah Blakely. At the age of 29 when she questionned her life purpose she was searching for something flattering to wear under her white slacks. She loved the way panthyhose made her look above the hip line.. so she cut up the bottom part with scissors and pouff created a new look.

As a former fax machine saleswoman, she tested her new pantyhose with her life savings of $5,000 dollars and sold out her first order to Neiman Marcus.

Her appearance on The Oprah show catapulted her products to the masses. Endorsements by Oprah, who called Spanx a "miracle product, and other endorsements from celebreties enabled her to reach the world.

She has no debt and owns 100% of her private company.

Plus she has never spent a dime on publicity and advertising. Word of mouth, endorsements, viral marketing at enterprise warp speed.

Sarah Blakely is another brilliant woman like J.K. Rowlings. A great story that has a touch of a miracle.

It only takes one great idea. But it also takes action. You must move, test your product, make it unique and sell, sell, sell. Sarah's product filled a need in the market so powerful that word-of-mouth made it viral with a little help from Oprah.

Just Imagine Your Success And DO It Now,

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