The Power of Social Networks

What's happening with social networks?

What does the rising usefulness of decentralized technologies such as peer-to-peer, wireless networks, social software and open-source development have on our lives?

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The story today is about a man who believes in the power of Facebook, Twitter and cell phone messages and videos that can help citizens all over the world.

The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics... and businesses.

What does this mean to newspapers, radio and television?

New technologies are enabling new kinds of cooperative structures to flourish as a way of getting things done in business, science, the arts and elsewhere, as an alternative to centralized and institutional structures, which Clay Shirky sees as self-limiting.

In his writings and speeches he has argued that "a group is its own worst enemy." His clients have included Nokia, the Library of Congress and the BBC. Shirky is an adjunct professor in New York University's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he teaches a course named "Social Weather."

Shirky is the author of Here Comes Everybody.

This is what Wired magazine say, "Shirky is one of the handful of people with justifiable claim to the digerati moniker. He's become a consistently prescient voice on networks, social software, and technology's effects on society."

Watch the video below and think how it applies to your social networks and businesses.

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P.S. Social networks work.