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His campaign is a model for marketing online and offline.

Every marketing specialist agree, this was a textbook direct marketing campaign.

He raised more than $650 million dollars with an extremely broad donor base who kept on donating online and offline.

He said NO to federal funding for his campaign that sets financial limits.

He relied on grassroot people and key influencers.

Get A Big Bang for Your Buck

Chris Hughes, the founder of Facebook, helped out with a creative social marketing campaign. It attracted more than 3 million donors!!!

This direct marketing and fundraising campaign opened the door to his victory.

Two years ago, he was working in the shadow of the senate halls.

Now with a perfect social marketing campaign, a favorable political and cultural climate, and a desire for change, Barack Obama is the president of the United States Of America.

He had many campaign offices, an army of volunteers and a staff that influenced every voter in every state.

Most amazingly they kept a database (names, frequency of contributions, age, etc.) and solicited their donations by email, mail and phone. A well oiled direct marketing machine!

Step One

When you visit the website you are asked to sign up to get more information.

Step Two

They asked all sign-ups to contribute, or volunteer. When they agreed, the Obama army followed-up with calls and messages asking for more money, or more assistance.

Step three

With the money he raised, he easily bought airtime on television.

Step four

In the final weeks, Obama's team integrated targeted ads online.

A tremendous ground spell of people voted like never before.

Imagine they even bought ad-space embedded in video games.

They recruited more people in key states. For example they added more than 300,000 people to the voter rolls in Florida alone.

Fearing overwhelm at voting centers, they encouraged people to vote early. More than 29 million people in 30 states cast their vote before election day.

All of this worked of course because of Barack Obama's appeal as a candidate. He is a superb orator who can work a crowd with the best.

Social Marketing Image

Barack Obama has a wonderful image. He is a self-made man with a wife and 2 girls.

He connected with every social stratus of society. Young voters loved his charm, Hispanic liked him and Jewish voters switched their allegiance. Plus he got out the black vote like no one else before.

He message "Change we need" struck a chord in this war torn country and the worlwide economic crisis.

Was it an anti-Bush vote?

It was definitely a factor.

Can he fix the economy?

People believe he can. Only time will tell.

He promised to help the impoverished and blamed the Bush administration which he skillfully associated with McCain.

He closed his experience gap by choosing Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

On election night there were thousands of house parties and gatherings at restaurants to watch the results.

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And let's not forget Oprah.

Did you notice on her pre-election program the big O in the word vote that appeared in nearly every camera shot? What do you think that big O symbolized?

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