A small company entrepreneur shows you how a question and one original idea can help you climb the ladder of financial success

In this blog, you'll discover a small company entrepreneur's idea that helped him climb the ladder of financial success... and I hope will help you do the same.

Can Google's site help an entrepreneur make money?

This is not about search engine optimization.

It's not about adwords.

It's not about youtube ads.

It's being on top of the world. Well no not literally!

It's about a small company entrepreneur.

More specifically in 2006 a roofing salesman, David Carlson asked his brother-in-law, Chris Pershing, a software enginer, to help him solve the problem of measuring rooftops for estimates on repairs.

Low and behold I bet you didn't know that this is a $30 billion dollar industry.

The brother-in-law you love to hate sat down and built a software program that would do it all. Measure a rooftop, it's pitch, slope and design without a ladder, tape measurers and perilous tightrope walks on rooftops.

Just with aerial photography and 3-D modeling!

Don't you love brother-in-laws?

First Chris did his homework before starting his business. He made a search on Google to find other companies who used a similar technology. To his amazement, no one was doing this type of work.

Like all great small company entrepreneurs, he smelled a money-making opportunity.

The 39 year-old engineer experimented with sites like Microsoft's Bing and Google Earth, searching for satellite images. He discovered that aerial photography was better than satellite imagery to provide better pictures and more accurate measurements.

Talk about in-depth market research.

The real work started when he used his software to measure the size, shape, pitch and area of his wife's birdhouse roof from snapshots. Then the real test his neighbor's rooftops.

Imagine he even measured the angles and slopes of the Egytian pyramids from a picture.

The software worked after nights of burning the midnight candel, oops I mean the LED computer screen.

He raised $200,000 from family and friends then bought the rights to aerial photographs normally used by states, counties and the U.S. Geological Survey.

He quit his job making software for ultrasound machines and started EagleView in a small rented office outside Seattle near the end of 2007.

But he needed more money. So he hired Chris Barrow, a high tech expert, who raised $6 million dollars from angel investors.

Also Chris focused his energy on technology and left the management to more competent people.

Today Chris' company, EagleView, produces on-demand reports for contractors, roofers and insurance companies.

Oh by the way, once you have the insurance companies on your rooftop reports then you're in big business.

Eagleview sells its reports between $20 and $80 dollars each. With more than 50,000 clients, he'll make sales of $40 million in 2011. His company has 175 employees and will hire 40 more in the next year.

Do you need a rooftop report?

Well you can order one online or with a cell phone app delivered in an hour or less at http://www.eagleview.com.

Today he has about a dozen competitos like GeoEstimator.com and Roofwalk.com but Eagleview still grew at a rate of 200% last year.

Watch the video below...

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P.S. Like a small company entrepreneur, you can climb the ladder of success (love that pun!).