How I helped this singer (just a little bit) appear on Oprah

In debt and worried about his dream to become a singer, he gambled $18,000, all of his savings, to sing in front of the 3,600 seat Chicago Theater and... turned failure into success!

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This is the story of how one singer SOLD OUT one by one all the tickets for his show at The Quebec Capitole, The Bell Center In Montreal, The Massey Center In Toronto and now The Chicago Center In Chicago Without An Agent, Producer or Promoter all by himself!

More than 13,232 people have seen his show... With More Than 28,117 CDs sold!

Imagine Being Such A Passionate Singer That People Can Hear It In Your Voice

He was born in Levis, Quebec in Canada raised in the small town of Montmagny where his family encouraged him to sing.

His father taught music and his sister played classical pieces on the piano. He does have training at the Quebec Conservatory of Music where he studied the trumpet.

But he also excelled at singing and playing the piano.

Watch this video first then keep reading to know the rest of the story.

Bernard wanted to break into show business. So he headed south to Montreal to follow his dream of breaking into show business.

He kept up his singing by taking lessons with Helene Parent, a vocalist teacher, and in the meantime studied the music market by attending TV show tapings as an audience member.

The Idea Star Singer

He had a buzz marketing idea.

He recorded a demo tape and mailed a copy to every citizen of his home town. Imagine he sold out his first one-man show.

Next he produced and self-published 2 albums, Seul and Ad Libitum. Imagine without a record deal he managed to sell 10,107 copies of his first album.

Then he came up with an amazing yet simple marketing idea. He rented the Capitole Theater in Quebec City and sold tickets one-by-one on the streets asking people to buy while he made them listen to his songs on a CD player.

Next he rented the Bell Center where The Montreal Canadiens the famous hockey team (by the way my favorite team) play their games and sold out 5,000 seats the same way.

He repeated the same marketing strategy for Massey Hall in Toronto with the release of his new album, While I Remember You.

By the way, he printed the seating plan on a t-shirt and had people check out their seats with a marker.

The American Dream To Be On Oprah

Bernard Lachance had more plans. He wanted to rent Radio City Hall in New York but the cost was too high. But the company suggested he rent the Chicago Theater which they also owned.

This time he wanted to invite Oprah and her friend Gayle to attend his show. He posted videos on to invite them.

That's when I first emailed Bernard to help him out with his marketing ideas. I taught him how to use tags and how to increase views to his videos.

He's a great marketing guy.

We increased his views from 1,023 to now 80,172. Plus I gave him marketing tips on how to sell his seats and idea to Oprah. I contacted Oprah by email on her web site to ask her to check out his invitation and his story.

----- Original Message -----
From: Pierre Provost
To: Oprah Winfrey
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 9:15 AM
Subject: Invitation Oprah

Hi Oprah,

I heard the story of this singer who has a lovely voice.
His dream is to be on your show.

More important he wants to sing for you and your
friend, Gayle, at The Chicago Theater on June 6, 2009.

He has such a wonderful and charismatic personality.

Also he has a unique marketing strategy to sell his
show and CDs.

Check out your personal video invitation on youtube....

and his story on

On Saturday, April 18th at 12:00 p.m., he will be in front of the
Brooks Brothers Store at 713 NORTH MICHIGAN AVE Chicago.

He would love to meet you in person and give you 2 tickets
to his show.


- Pierre Provost


Oprah would be out of town that day.


he recorded an interview on a local Chicago radio station and then did an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

What happened next?

Well he got a call from the staff at Harpo Studios and he will be on The Oprah Show May 5, 2009. The show was pre-recorded May 1st. I invite you to watch him on Oprah and at...

His journey to stardom has just begun.

Now he wants to sing at Radio City Hall in New York City. It cost $100,000 dollars to rent the Hall and he doesn't have that kind of money. With your help maybe he can do it!

I encourage you to buy his CD at iTunes. It's only $9.95, click on the link below... iTunes or if you are in Chicago on June 6th, 2009, stop by there are still some seats left.

Call 1-800-745-3000 - or go to

Chicago Theater Get your tickets fast!!

If you don't run into my friend Bernard Lachance on the streets of Chicago, you can also find tickets online at Ticket master... Ticket Master Here's another one of his genius marketing idea, Bernard Lachance invites Chicagoans to sing with him on the stage of The Chicago Theatre!

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