A story of self-esteem

I believe I've always had high self-esteem because of my parents.

My mom and dad were models of self-confidence. It's unbelievable because they were born in poverty and lost everything (material) they had and lost their self-confidence as well. It was difficult for me but somehow they gave me the right values and beliefs.

I owe everything I have to them and their belief in me. Everything is not rosy all the time but I have a lovely wife and an amazing girl.

These last 8 months we are battling breast cancer together. My wife is a survivor and together we share our lives with our community and friends. It's so wonderful to meet friends who care and love you. It's a very important ingredient in success.

We live in the now and each day we share loving moments together.

As you watch this video, I want you to believe in yourself. To say that "I am important and I contribute to the betterment of life." You deserve to be here.

Oh by the way, when I was young I played lacrosse and I was pretty good at the game. Mm... if I may say so.

~ Just Imagine Your Success,


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