Oprah Winfrey and your business personality

I've never met Oprah Winfrey, and doubt I ever will.

She's not a fan so far as I know, and has almost certainly never heard of me. I tried to seek her endorsement for my book, Tune In The Genius Within - The Science of Peak Performance, but no response so she does not know I exist.

This is a blog with a readership of 292,361 as of today so I hope one day I'll show up on her new OWN TV network radar... or maybe even in her O Magazine.

Why ?

She can sure as hell sell millions of books for an author and I pray she bestows me the honor of her endorsement. It's really a masterpiece if I say so myself.

"Ok wake up Pierre you're in Lalaland again," cries out my wife.

Isn't she a billionaire?

Ok I know. The rich believe I can get richer.

Let me venture to dissect her success since I'm the self-help guru here as you know ;-).

Her success started when she won Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant.

Imagine she was a beauty queen. That kickstarted a part-time news position on a black radio station.

Then she moved to Baltimore to host a People Are Talking talk show and ended up in Chicago as a TV anchor. She transformed herself into the Oprah Winfrey show.

Later on she chose to start her own production company, HARPO, own her own Tv Studio building and syndicate the Oprah Winfrey show. Later to become the Oprah show.

She was earning 120 million dollar per year. Not bad :-).

Smart, smart, smart move.

Her unique approach was to focus on self-help topics instead of the trendy trash talk shows of the times.

She also talked about weight loss. Her eternal spiritual problem. You do know that weight loss is a spiritual problem and that's the secret to her success. Ok I disgress but I'm also having a weight loss problem and I will hire a trainer to help me.

Ain't I mean, she's the one with the cash.

Then she built the Oxygen and the O Magazine trademarks.

And now drum roll please, she has started to build her OWN network on cable TV with her experts.

Her new Own network has been a challenge for the self-made billionaire. I hope she succeeds because lots of people are going to miss her.

To her credit, in 2007 she opened the Leadership Academy for poor girls in South Africa.

Now here's her business personality strategy...

1- Win a beauty pageant.
2- Become a TV anchor.
3- Host your own talk show.
4- Invite experts.
5- Start your own company.
6- Syndicate your show.
7- Finally if you have the moolah start your own TV, radio, Web network.
8- And for God sake please invite me as a guest 'cause I need to lose weight...

Watch the Biography clip below, oh and damn Stedman she's beautiful.

Just Imagine Your Success And DO It Now, Oprah Winfrey P.S. Please Oprah Winfrey read my book.