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Viral online marketing idea to sell your products and services

Starbucks and Twitter just launched an online campaign that in my opinion is a great idea.

If you have books, how about using Twitter to give free gift cards to your influencers at conferences, on your website, on googleplus, youtube and facebook. See the links in my G+ post below.

Choose power influencers who have large tribes and can spread the word for your books. You can also give them an affiliate link to make them money.

In fact, it can be any product or service, free or priced.

Create your own #hashtag and watch the campaign go viral. Choose an original #Hashtag and tie it in to your product.

I once did a campaign for my eBooks by tweeting my target market and did very well. My next campaign will be different and probably use a twitter hashtag and free gift cards.  

Remember to plan and set your budget. A campaign for a book or eBook can be done in short spurts. For a product or service, it can be continuous and never-ending.

A well thought out plan will be more successful than a haphazard approach but don't be afraid to try it and correct it as you move forward.

Set yourself baby steps and deadlines. Once you accomplish a first campaign, the second one will be easier to realize in time and space. Go ahead and give me news on my Google+ account below.

Just insert your comment and I will get a notification from Google Plus. If you want, you can click the follow button to follow me, da, on Google Plus. Thank you.

Read my G+ post, share it with your friends and create your online gold rush. 

P.S. Online marketing for Google+ is here.

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