He built an online
business empire

He has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs since 1997 build their online business from scratch.

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His focus is to help people succeed in their business especially web commerce... and certainly to make money online for himself. Don't kid yourself he's not in the charity business.

Imagine he has more than 300,000 subscribers to his e-newsletters which by the way is chock-full of gold nuggets. It's an up-to-date report on the status of internet marketing and web commerce. Simply amazing!

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Ken practised emergency medicine just like my doctor but during his spare time dabbled into business ideas and concepts. And might I add very successfully! He studied at McGill University, and has spent the better part of his life in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by native land. Hey love to plug the old country ;-)!

He is married to Janice who works in the online business too and he has two teenage daughters, one of whom, Nori, has one of the most well-known SBI sites on the Web. The Antigua site.

What type of products did he start to sell first?

Are you sitting down?

Toys and games. In fact he has more than 23 products in his inventor repertoire.

I remember one of his first offer on how to invest in penny stocks. Ah the sly fox he limited the edition and then withdrew it forever from sales online. Clever marketing strategy (The Penny Gold, a limited edition of 1,000) and very targeted customers who buy products on investing in the stock market. He sold out. Go where the money is his motto.

Then Ken Evoy parleyed his Penny Gold marketing experience into an infomartion product called Make Your Site Sell (MYSS). He produced a line of internet marketing eBooks like the Chicken Soup For The Soul series to brand his trademark... Make Your Knowledge Sell, Make Your Price Sell, Make Your Words Sell, Make Your Net Auction Sell, and Make Your Content Presell which you get free in my course when you enroll now at... https://www.motivational-story.com/learnopia.html Yes I'm an affiliate auntie Jane. I have to eat some peanut butter.


I'll answer and help you with your online business to the best of my abilities. I wont do this for long because I have other money making projects on the go. Of course, it's a limited time offer for a month (Can't I imitate Ken just a little bit?). Note that learnopia.com is a fantastic site that can help you get started on teaching and becoming an expert with your passion.

Finally Ken Evoy built the perfect tools, picks and showels, to help infopreneurs make money online. Note that the site-building software suite called Solo Build It! (SBI) makes him lots of moolah and that he sells the tools but not the products anymore. It's like the gold rush. He sells you the tools to make his millions but doesn't dig anymore. Them's where the money is dear laddy.

Watch the video below to learn from this master entrepreneur.

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