Oat Milk BusinessTransforms The Milk Industry Into A War Of
Words And Market Share

It's the story of an oat milk business.

In my opinion and of experts oat is one of the best cereals in the world. And in 1990, two researchers, Richard and Bjorn Oeste, from Lund University in Sweden succeeded in transforming the solid into liquid form. Remember you chemistry class.

They call it Oatly milk.

Their target market is lactose intolerant consumers.

Recently I talked in a post how oat is big business and why this company was doing an IPO public offering on the NASDAQ.

Well, it's official.

They raised 1.5 Billion dollars and their valuation is 10 Billion.

Why Oat Milk Business
Is Gaining Momentum

How To Market Oat Milk

Of course, one of the most powerful marketing strategy is to use influencers to spread the gospel on your product.

Now oatly.com was not an easy sell plus it took them 20 years to reach sales of 100 million per year. 

Where did they get the cash-cow flow to stay alive? Sorry for the pun.

The turn around happened when they hired a marketing whiz, Toni Petersson. First, he changed the packaging into a carton and used homey fonts with english wording to reach a global audience.

Great rebranding strategy for an oat milk business.

Then he traveled to the good old USA to plant oatly in local coffee shops with the help of baristas. The guys and girls who sell coffee. He grew is number of influencers to 650 coffee shops.

Smart. Smart. Smart.

He also produced some funny youtube videos.

Slowly he built up his network of influencers. 

Now Oprah and the president of Starbucks, Howard Schultz are on board with 200 million dollars in investments. State-owned China Resources has a majority stake in Oatly and in 2016 they joined a Belgium equity firm Verlinvest. Finally they collaborated with equity firm Blackstone.

Today they have 8,500 retail and 10,000 coffee shops as distribution points in the USA only.

The math is simple one pack, 6 cartons is $40. $40 dollars times 18,500 is $740,000 let's say per month times 12 equals $8,880,000 millions and multiply times 40 a month equals $355,2000,000. 

Don't you love math?

And that's for oat milk only. 

Did you invest?

The Story Of Oat-ly

It was a long haul. Now the company faces challenges with the milk industry who does not like their use of the word milk. There are legal challenges and it is an ongoing battle. They are fighting Goliath.

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