Discover The Motivational Words That Inspired The Voice Of A Singer Who Lived In Low-Income Housing Beside A Crack House Business

Motivational Words That Can
Change Your Life And Inspire
Others To Do The Same

Hey! You often read about affirmations and motivational words that can help you change your life.

In fact, motivational speakers tell you to take your index card out of your pocket 3 times a day or more and to read it ad infinitum until smoke comes out of your ears. And then with the wave of a magic wand your life will be transformed like magic.

Ok, my friend if you tried it, have you been transformed into Princess Leia or Indiana Jones? Two of my on-screen heroes ;-)!

Now, before you watch the video, let me get personal.

My parents drank, were dysfunctional and we lived in low-income housing without any money coming in. My dad did not know how to read or write, and mom rarely stepped out of the house by fear of being recognized by her neighbours. These are some of the reasons why the story of Speedo resonates with me.

Motivational Words Work If
You Use Them Right

The motivational words that changed his life were ''don't let this moment define you."

As you watch the video, think about the process.

  • Speedo had teachers who cared about him.
  • He got inspired by a black woman model.
  • He learned the skills.
  • He worked hard at his career.
  • He practises.
  • And he loves what he does.

So, if you are ever angry, frustrated or discouraged, remember...

''Don't let this moment define you or your life."

These motivational words combined with models and multi-sensory cues give you the power to transform your life. Step into their shoes. Hear them speak, Watch them act and talk. Smell the odours in their surrounding. Taste the food they eat. Touch their body. And feel the sensations of transformation in your soul, mind and body.

Isn't this a most beautiful motivation story?

Boy oh boy! We all have our challenges in life. And I certainly do right now. Fortunately, I have models like Speedo to remind me that life is an opportunity to grow personally and share with others.

From my family to yours, in our best operatic voice, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you.


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