What is motivation?

Motivation is taking action and getting results on what is important.

Well that's my definition.

This gentleman dropped out of high school at 16, was a millionaire at 26, and was broke by 27, within five years of being nearly bankrupt, he built from scratch a $30 million mortgage and real estate firm.

Not only has he made more than his money back, he has gone on to become an author of seven books, professional speaker and an investor. His Millionaire Dropouts series was recently recommended by Forbes Book Club. His books are sold at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders and other major retailers.

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Before Woody Woodward was an author and success strategist he ran many successful companies. As a product developer he has worked with NASCAR, NBL, NBA, NHL, NFL with licensing as well as had products sell in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys R Us, Sears, JC Penney’s and QVC. US News and World Report featured one of his products he co-designed for its cutting edge technology.

He has built and sold multiple companies. His first product and company he sold was Lunastix (formerly known as Quick Stix). Lunastix can be found at most major retailers and hobby shops. Through the last decade his products have grossed over $60 million.

Throughout the last twelve years Woody Woodward has entertained and spoken to over 200,000 people. He frequently travels throughout the world speaking and educating on the true strategies of personal development, motivation, relationships and business.

He is founder of the Law of Importance. The Law of Importance was chosen as one of the leading techniques to be shown to the United Nations on Oct 20, 2007 on how to meet their millennium goals. The Law of Importance is a systematic tool for measurable increases in personal development, motivation, relationship and business. It has been referred to as “The Key to Self Mastery.” Woody coaches one on one with Hollywood’s elite and business professionals around the world. He has worked in China, Thailand, India and Europe as well as North America.

He is founder of www.LawOfImportance.com and www.MillionaireDropouts.com. He continues to build and develop companies such as Dropout University and D. U. Publishing. D. U. Publishing has gone onto manufacture and publishing the Law of Importance Success Manual.

Most interesting in this video, take part in the fun exercise he does with his audience. You'll get a glimpse on how your mind and brain works together.

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