A motivating story about an unbeatable man

Motivating others to be fit and strong is his passion. He uses the body to exercise without weigths and combat conditioning.

In fact this is the story of a man with motivation as strong as steel. When you listen to him talk, you feel the fire and determination in his heart and soul.

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Before, I tell you about his success let me remind you that you can read his complete motivating story at https://www.motivational-story.com/unbeatable He was born in a small town in Iowa, named Carroll.

At eight years of age young, he began competing in swimming and wrestling and... with dedicated practice became a champion in each sport.

He studied with Olympic Gold medalist Dan Gable (a motivating force in his life) and was a member of 3 national championship teams.

In 1985 he won the NCAA II national title at 167-pounds, defeating two-time California state champion, Howard Lawson, in the finals. While at Edinboro University of Pennslyvania, he was coached by Mike DeAnna and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Baumgartner.

Read how he became a champion in his book https://www.motivational-story.com/unbeatable After operating a training business for wrestlers and fitness enthusiasts, he began studying various martial arts in 1990 and immediately saw the physical, mental and philosophical links these arts had with wrestling. This lead to the publication of his first book and videos in 1996, entitled, The Martial Art of Wrestling.

In 1996, Furey began competing in the ancient Chinese grappling art of Shuai-Chiao, the oldest style of kung fu. Furey's teacher, Dr. Daniel Weng, a national champion from Taiwan, and a ninth-degree black belt, guided Furey to three national titles - then over Christmas of 1997, Dr. Weng brought two U.S. teams to Beijing, China, to compete in the world championships. In Beijing, Furey won the gold medal at 90 KG (198-pounds), and was the only non-Chinese to win a title. In addition, Furey's world title was historic because it marked the first time that an American had won a gold medal in any world kung fu competition held in China.

Discover his motivating journey in his book, The Unbeatable Man. In 1999, Furey traveled to Tampa, Florida to train under the legendary Karl Gotch. Several months later Furey moved his family from California to Tampa, Florida, so he could train with Gotch full-time. Gotch taught Furey a treasure trove of knowledge on conditioning as well as the real professional style of wrestling, known as catch-as-catch-can (catch wrestling).

Furey quickly excelled as a catch wrestler, earning him the covers of Grappling and the U.K.'s Martial Arts Illustrated.

In 2002, Grappling magazine dubbed Furey, "The King of Catch Wrestling," and in the book Grappling Masters, Furey is one of 22 elite world class grapplers who are interviewed and featured.

In addition to The Martial Art of Wrestling and the international best-selling Combat Conditioning , Furey's other best-selling books include Combat Abs and No B.S. Fitness. Furey also has several best-selling courses, including: Combat Stretching , Gama Fitness , Magnetic Mind Power and Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Video Course.

He is also the president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc. where he is dedicated to keeping the teaching of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the 35 million copy best-seller, Psycho-Cybernetics alive, well and GROWING!

Furey writes a motivating monthly column for Inside Kung Fu and has been featured in GQ, Gladiator, Grappling, Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts & Combat Sports, Blitz, Martial Arts Illustrated and many other publications throughout the world.

He created a publishing business on the Internet that makes millions each year. He is one of the most successful Internet marketing expert in the world.

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Along with his wife, Zhannie, Furey has two children, a son Frank, and a daughter, Faith. As a family they travel back and forth between their two homes in Florida, and Hainan Island, China.

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