The photographic memory of Stephen Wiltshire

Can you imagine a memory that can photograph the eternal city of Rome?

He was born autistic.

He didn't speak his first word until he was five.

He lives in a world of his own.

His nickname is The Living Camera.

Stephen Wiltshire is a star among savant.

He can draw from sight panoramic scenes with terrific accuracy after a ride in an helicopter.

Isn't it unusual that a person born autistic can do such a miracle?

I remember teaching autistic children when I was at the University of Ottawa. They loved to exercise. In fact I volunteered to help them be more independent. Never in my whole life could I have known that my physiotherapy teacher had an autistic child.

I learned a lesson.

In each one of us we have a special gift. It is our duty to help others with it and to share it with others.

~ Just Imagine Your Success,


P.S. How do you use your memory to achieve success?