Do you have a money making invention ?

Have you ever had an idea for an invention and wanted to make truck-loads of money? Just like me :-) !

Well before you go ahead and apply for a patent, a trademark or copyright on your invention check out what this guy has to teach you.

Watch this 4 minute and 2 second video and get ready to be amazed with his talent.

Now don't believe for a second that it is easy to develop, build and bring to market a new invention or product.

What must you do first ?

Study the market and check out if the invention already exists in the market place.

I just came back from a vacation and dropped by a small business where the gentleman had an idea to sell distilled water in a what looks like an automated water-teller machine.

Just like when you go to the bank to withdraw money but instead you fill up a bottle of water for $3.95.

Cool and refreshing idea !

Right ! Nope WRONG!

He did not study his competitors and the market. Also his invention was sold to other companies who in fact became his competitors.

I helped him out with marketing, copywriting, keyword metatags and web design.

Will he succeed maybe but I doubt it after I surveyed the market and checked out some competitors.

Now watch the video and click on the link within the video to master the basic steps. Listen to this gentleman he knows what he is doing.

How do you like the invention on the video ? So simple.

But remember study the market first.

Just Imagine Your Success,


P.S. How to sell your invention.