Intention or the story of a marketing genius

What are your intentions in life?

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This is the story of a man who in my opinion has mastered the secrets of marketing.

He is a great guy who writes well and has turned failure into success.

Listen I use to live in a 100 square feet shabby apartment with a gas furnace stove. And I slept in the same room. Now I live in a beautiful... get it?

Yes he promotes the law of attraction, the secret (he even played in it), and the law of manifestation.

That's all great and fine but beneath all of his fast talk, he knows how to market his products, he knows how to write copy, he knows how to sell, and he knows that secrets sell.

Watch this video of him on The Big Idea. What is your purpose in life? What is mine? What is yours? You get it, don't you?

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P.S. I talk about my intentions here.