How to make instant pot
with Amazon and sell
more than 2 million

You think pot brownies
make money, think again...

Can you believe selling instant pot on Amazon?

Ok, I lead you in the wrong direction, it's not the kind you smoke or eat ;-)!

It's a kitchen pot that serves as a 7 in 1 cooking machine.

Stick with me, you pot lovers.

Let's back track a bit.

In 2004, this company was the darling of the High Tech industry in Canada. The name of the company, Nortel.

What happened?

The company filled for bankruptcy and thousands of people loss their jobs in 2009.

Massive layoffs and disgruntled employees.

The chief engineer scientist, Robert Wang, was one of the poor souls, well not anymore as you'll discover.

I remember sitting with an accountant and him telling me horror stories about Nortel workers losing their jobs and pensions... struggling to survive.

I remember visiting the grounds that smelled like dead bodies. If you have seen the building, it's like a glass cathedral at the entrance.

Well this is the story of Robert Wang and his team.

He started up his business by building an Instant Pot cooking machine.

Imagine with a microprocessor and a 7-in-1 utility. An electric multi-purpose stove-top pressure cooker. It even has an instant pot bluetooth pairing. 


Here's their USP (unique selling proposition):

"It speeds up cooking by 2~6 times using up to 70% less energy, and, above all, produces nutritious healthy food in a convenient and consistent fashion."

Watch the amazing youtube video below, just as good as any infomercial I have seen...

How can you beat the
Instant Pot Cooker?

Sure would save on my electricity bill.

Are you sitting down?

Imagine selling 215,000 units in 2016 in one day alone on Amazon. Holy toledo! The perfect storm for an infomercial product. This cooking party is not over yet.

Since 2010, the company has sold more than 2,000,000 million units worldwide and the beat goes on.

Two million at an average cost of $100. Get out the mental calculator that's $200,000,000 million smackaroos.

He sold the instant pot on Amazon and the reviews kept pilling up like soup boiling to the brim.

The reviews on Amazon and the Youtube reviews and testimonials simply blow off the lid on viral marketing. A copywriter's pot luck dream come true.

Imagine more than 15,000 reviews and 93% positive. An unheard number in the Amazon review world. Social proof at its best.

Now remember I am a bestselling book author with 24 reviews on Amazon. If only I could get more reviews... hint, hint ;-). I am also coming out with an amazing product (OK I am biased) in November.

They have a variety of Instant Pot models on sale plus people are selling recipe books on the cooker.

Also guess what?

Walmart has picked up the item. Sweet potatoes! Now Target, Best Buy and the list goes on...

Let's recap:

  • You lose your job
  • You start-up a business selling a unique cuisine (I am French after all) product 
  • You set up a website that explodes into a steaming stew (I am having fun)
  • You sell it on Amazon with glowing reviews and become a best-selling product
  • People produce youtube review and recipe videos with pot luck parties (sorry ;-) 
  • The biggest retailer in the world, Walmart, picks you up in their kitchen ware department

What a success story!

I am so happy for this group of Ottawa (my hometown) Nortel entrepreneurs who suffered when they lost their jobs and struggled to keep afloat.

I don't want to be a pot-belly party pooper. But remember that 96% or more of businesses fail after 3 years.

Remember though that there is a way to test your entrepreneur recipe with no money down and at a steady pace.

For example, you can start a website to sell your products or services. Also Amazon offers you the opportunity to open up an online store. Then add the free publicity, you can get off of Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and Facebook. And you're off to the celebrity masterchef kitchen show ;-)! I'm a hot peper today!

What a wonderful world of opportunities exist for us entrepreneurs.

Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

P.S. Amazon and Instant Pot are a perfect match. Food lovers and chefs revel in these kinds of products.