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My wife works in marketing communications and recently she had an idea to organize a team building activity with her personel. I’ll tell you about it later.

First I want you to imagine your 30 years old and a millionaire.

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He sold cookbooks and candy to high school chapters of the Future Homemakers of America with his friend, Morris Dees. Sounds like old school affiliate hubs.

Also imagine he sold tractor cushions through Future Farmers of America. In fact, he sold 20 train carloads in 3 months. They made money, lots of it.

Indeed Fuller and Dees always tried to come up with catch phrases to brand their products.

Suddenly Fuller had relationship problems with his wife. What would you do?

He sold nearly everything he had and set out to find a mission.

Mr. Fuller and his wife decided to build no-interest homes for the poor.

Down the road, it became Habitat For Humanity.

Millard Fuller gave Habitat For Humanity an identity. Habitat's home-building mission is founded on hard work, (“sweat equity”), and employs the “theology of the hammer” with emphasis on action.

Since its inception, the international organization has built more than 300,000 homes in 93 countries.

Today my wife is trying to organize her team to build a home for the poor. What a wonderful gesture it would be for a family in need.

Watch the video and get inspiration about how you can help your fellow human.

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Millard Fuller passed away in 2009 but his legacy lives on.

The question is, "How will your legacy to humanity be remembered?"

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