Illusions: Now You See Me,
now you don't

     In this blog, I'll discuss visual illusions and review a book I highly recommend for people who don't want to be deceived, who want to learn how to create the perfect images for their web sites, their Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook pages.

     In the movie, Now You See Me, four street magicians perform in Las Vegas. As their final act, they ask a member of the audience to help them rob $140 million dollars from a bank.

     They miraculously succeed.

     Of course the detective who tries to solve the mystery discovers that there is a secret society called "The Eye" who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Move over Robin Hood !

     Would you like to discover their secrets? Read on.

     The real people I am going to talk about aren't detectives, well maybe... sort of...

     They're eye detectives. What say yeh? Hold on to your rabbit hat, I'll explain.

     They're a married couple who had no knowledge of magic tricks until they uncovered the visual experience and thought processes of elite magicians.

     In fact in their book, Sleights of Mind, they reveal secrets to improve your attention and your memory to reach your outcomes with revolutionary neuroscience methods.

     Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde and her husband, Dr. Stephen Macknik, are neuroscientists who study our eyes and visual experience.

     More importantly, they wanted real life experiences to prove the science behind their knowledge. There scientific method led them to the study of street and theatrical magicians, their tricks and brain games.

     Imagine you just found the secret manuscript of magic tricks.

     Yes, this is it.

     You'll be able to mobilize certain secret powers to avoid being fooled by deceptions from master sales artists and magicians on the prowl for your wallets and watches.

     Amazingly Susana and Stephen reveal their 7-Step Self-Defence Lessons in their Epilogue.

1-Is it possible to multitask?

2-Can you recall all your memories?

3-If you make a mistake, what should you do?

4-How to defend yourself from sleazy salespeople

5-How to use humor and empathy

6-What to focus on

7-Best of all: How to make important decisions

     Let me share with you one secret about visual illusions. Your eyes are affected by brightness and color. Once on stage, magicians like David Copperfield use black as a background color to make disappearing acts and levitations. It's quite simple.

     One more. Are you sitting down?

     Everything you see is a visual illusion constructed in your brain. Can you perfectly describe what you just read?

     Check out this book. It's worth the price of learning.

      Look into my eyes and repeat after me:

     "I am buying this book right now ;-)" Humor to sell or not to sell. Ok I don't want to deceive you.

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