The story of an Internet home business entrepreneur

At the age of 22, he started an Internet marketing home business company with his roommate.

The name of the company was Linkexchange. They sold their company for $265 million dollars to Microsoft.

Afterwards Tony bought an online shoe store and called it Zappos. He is the CEO of the company.

Tony Hsieh graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Computer Science.

You have to read his story and hear him talk on customer service for home businesses.

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They have about 800 employees based out of Henderson, Nevada and an additional 800 employees at the warehouse in Kentucky.

He has created a work environment that focuses on team and family.

Imagine he takes a pay of $36,000 a year! I guess you can afford it when you have a cushion in the bank ;-)!

Really he believes he is in the customer service business. Don't you recall trying to get service from customer service after keying in 4 numbers? Or what about getting hold of a voice machine!

He bases all of his hiring staff on customer service training. "You're actually on the phone for two weeks talking with customers. And people that can't make it through that we either don't hire or drop them during the training process."

Tony builds his brand around customer service. He says: "We're actually hoping 10 years from now people won't even realize we started out selling shoes online, and maybe 30 years from now we'll have a Zappos Airlines that's just about the very best customer service in the airline industry."

When he talks to entrepreneurs, he challenges them with a question: "Do what you would be passionate about doing for 10 years, even if you didn't make a single dime during those 10 years, you'll end up happier. And kind of the ironic thing is if you do what you're passionate about, the money will just naturally follow on its own."

Another benefit to finding your passion is that employees as well as customers can sense your excitement. "That's how we've grown over the past nine and a half years is just through customers being very loyal…but not just loyal. … They're actually spreading the word about Zappos," Tony says. "When they call us, they see that we're real people and that we actually are passionate about the customer service and want to help them out."

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