Groupon, Andrew Mason,
and Your Savings

I didn’t know anything about Groupon. I’ve never met Andrew Mason, and doubt I ever will. He’s never read my stories, he’s not on my mailing list, and has almost certainly never heard of me.

I’m not seeking his friendship either. But this is a blog about successful people and their stories, so I have to talk about him.

In short, he’s a billion dollar business success story… and I want to talk about him and why his company groupon is such a huge success.

As you know, I write about business success stories when I feel it can empower you to create new ideas, make this world a better place, create socially responsible businesses, and make money if you so desire.

I definitely love to talk about marketing ideas that are so simple and make their creators lots of moolah in a short time.

They make me salivate with a thirst for mooney.

It happens so often nowadays with the power of the Internet. Imagine building a mailing list of 80 million subscribers in 3 years.

Imagine using Facebook and Twitter to increase your list by 3 million subscribers in one week.

Imgaine spreading the word by viral marketing so fast your head spins in disbelief.

Imagine being in 300 plus cities and 38 countries worldwide.

Imagine having 500 clones around the world. Will you survive?

Now hope you’re sitting down for this one !

Imagine being offered 6 Billion dollars that’s 6 plus 9 zeroes by Google to buy your company, then turning around and saying NO !

Would you say no ? Come on tell the ruth.

Imagine reading these headlines about your company…

“Google close to buying Groupon: reports The Province - Dec 1 2010

Google developing Groupon competitor TODAYonline - Jan 21 2011

Groupon Super Bowl commercials raise ire Seattle Times - Feb 7 2011

Facebook launches deals program, rivals Groupon The Seattle Times - Apr 26 2011

Groupon files for IPO Times of India - Jun 3 2011

Anyway what is Groupon ?

It is an Internet business that offers 50% plus discount deals everyday for local businesses from restaurant to fitness classes. They split the profits with the businesses who advertise on their web site.

It does not take a genius to read coupon in groupon. But here is the twist the discount is on only after a certain number of people sign on and there is a time limit.

Listen to what Andrew Mason says.. “Local businesses have never had a great way to get customers in the door. . . . So what Groupon does is — it’s the first time local businesses get performance-based marketing. They only pay when these customers walk in the door. We get them in the door and then it’s up to them to give them an amazing experience.”

These are all classic direct marketing strategies: Discounts, coupons, in-store claims, and why not a bit of pressure to buy with time limits. The countdown clock on the web site drives you nuts to buy before it explodes because you’ll never get a chance at this opportunity again.

I want to express my admiration and gratitude for Andrew and all those special people who create new businesses and jobs, even when at first they failed, faced money problems and debts up to their necks. I’m talking about you, your friends and mine, and our relatives.

I’m sure Andrew has rough days at the office where he struggles with employee morale, cash flow, email overload and business meetings. We all have friends who have tried their hands at starting a business, writing a book and failed.

“Well Pierre what does it take to succeed?”

“It’s simple.”

“Ok you smart a_s pray tell.”

“It’s failure turned into success. You learn from each failure and you adjust your business plan. You copy a success blueprint model, add a twist like maybe time-limit group discount coupons, and try it with the least amount of money.”

“Sounds great on paper.”

“Yes… but that’s the secret take action with the smallest amount of money, partners and test… then test again until you die ;-)!”

“There are millions of people that have the courage and dignity to show us by example. Think of the small family business and the mega corporations. It’s time to revive business growth and production in America. It’s time to face fear and overcome obstacles.”

I only know Andrew Mason through the Internet and his interviews, and I don’t know you or your loved ones at all. But I love you all. I love and pray for you just like I love my wife who is a cancer survivor and my girl who loves life. I love your mental toughness, your ability to handle adversity and to fight for what you believe in.

I write about success, peak performance, motivation, marketing and people, but I’ll tell you something right now… the amazing heroes are the people you meet everyday who donate their time to charity, who manage their businesses, who work diligently and professionally, who create new businesses, who make peace their life goal, who give of their food and time to the needy.

It’s for YOU.

Let’s all stand together and say… I love you.

Just Imagine Your Success And Do It Now,

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