Rene Godefroy: An Amazing Story

Rene Godefroy has a passion for empowering others to excel and succeed. His personal story of struggle, grit and perseverance epitomize triumph and the American dream.

Born in a tiny, isolated village on the island of Haiti, Rene was an impoverished child tormented by extended illness.

Abandoned by his father and left behind while his mother sought work in the city, he survived primarily on breadfruit and the occasional rare fish he caught with a string and hook.

Unable to speak English, Rene arrived in America with just five dollars, two shirts and one pair of pants housed in a tattered briefcase. Where many would see nothing but overwhelming odds stacked against them, he saw an abundance of opportunity and a chance to pursue the American dream.

A truly self-made man, Rene summoned his keen survival skills and natural instincts to pursue his ambitions. He worked menial jobs from New York to Miami and wound up working as a doorman in Atlanta’s upscale Renaissance Waverly Hotel. He taught himself English and read voraciously. As his knowledge increased, his quality of life improved and his dream of making an impact in America was sure to be realized.

Today, Rene is opening different doors for people. As one of America’s most sought-after and inspiring motivational speakers, his unique insight is opening doors for himself and others nationally and internationally.

The video is long. Fifty-five minutes and 45 seconds.

BUT it's worth every penny or better gratitude you made in your life.

~ Just Imagine Your Success,

Rene Godefroy

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