Garden Pods Are The
Solution To Not Getting
Your Fingernails Dirty
And Make Some Money ;-)

Should I start to plant my seeds with garden pods?

There are so many ingenious entrepreneurs that it's mind boggling!

I am a hard working gardener with my wife and I love to get my hands dirty but sometimes for cleaning my fingernails afterwards I need the handbrush to clean them.

Garden Pods Without The
Need For Compost Or Soil

A disclaimer: I live in Ottawa and this company operates from Ottawa. I have no financial investments in it and I don't know the owners of this company.

Now this money-making idea is interesting. I think that gardeners could use these garden pods to start their plants and transplant them in their garden.

Also you could use them for spices and small plants. They state that you can grow and harvest up to 15 #plants (berries, kale, chamomile, thyme, spinach, etc.) in just one month. You just refill the water tank once a month. That's all folks.

From herbs, to vegetables, to flowers, they offer a great variety. The assortment of pods will continue to grow as they evolve as a business.

#growfromhome #indoorgarden #growyourown

How about starting your own business of selling the plants after a month?

One caveat, the cost of the garden pods are $399 each at this moment, quite expensive in my opinion. 

Take a look at my garden pods
oops I mean my garden pots !

Will George Clooney and Keurig be jealous? George just bought a vineyard in France, so maybe he needs some gardens pods to grow berries. I'll give him a call ;-)!

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By the way, did you notice how they combined the coffee pods with garden pods. Smart. Smart. Smart.

           Happy. Healthy. Eating.

            - Pierre Provost

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          Automatically And Subconsciously

P.S. Just came back from my garden. Spent an hour removing those darn weeds. No weeds with the garden pods. Hello George Clooney!