How to turn books into eBooks to make a million dollars

Ebooks to the rescue... Alleluia books are no longer the only way to become a bestselling author!

After traditional book publishers rejected her submissions, she decided to take matters into her own hands and self-publish. No time to waste on rejections

She self-published her books as electronic books.

You ask what are ebooks?

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Well they're books published electronically online and offered in different formats for Amazon`s kindle, Apple`s iPad and many more.

She is a writer, she has more than 17 books written and she is only 27 years old at this time.

What happened next she can't explain.

She has sold more than 900,000 electronic Books online at Amazon, Borders and many more electronic book stores. Right now that's kaching, kaching more than 2 million smakaroooos in her bank account.

Maybe she can't explain it but I'd love to take a shot at explaining why she is a multi-millionaire.

First she copied a successful model. Think the Harry Potter and Vampire books. Think more on the line of a trilogy or a series of books. More books, more sales.

Also she discovered a nook or niche in the young-adult world of paranormal, romance and suspense. Very astute.

She has thousands of young fans from all around the world.

After her rejections, she took action and self-published her books as electronic book versions and slid into the tiddle wave of electronic books.

The timing was perfect. And she was passionate about writing.

Her writing method is very unusual you can check it out on her blog.

Most important her meteoric rise to stardom is simply amazing.

The Kindle and Nook account for about 20% of book sales today.

Amanda Hocking was born July 12, 1984 and lives in Austin, Minnesota.

Imagine she was an assisted living worker just getting by paycheck to paycheck. In her spare time, she wrote 17 unpublished books for example My Blood Approves, the Trilogy books and her zombie novels, Hollowland (I just love this title).

Check them out at Amazon and enjoy the video. Please help me make my books bestsellers ;-)! I have to go back to write more eBooks.

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