Another ebook that brings in a million smackaroos

Ok not every ebook will sell a million copies and make you a million dollars BUT read the following to be amazed...

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What topics do you think sells more books?

Weight loss, the secret, self-help (like mine), romance, Harry Potter and Vampire spin offs...

Yes but how about an 80-page book on vertical jumping. You know you run and jump as high as you can to touch a line on the wall in gym class.

Come on you`re joking you old fart.


This young man wanted to jump as high as possible to make awesome dunks like in basketball. And he is an expert at it.

Do you know of any books or manuals on vertical jumping?

While in school, he studied the vertical jump and is a certified trainer on exercise. Also he can jump 44 inches high regularly. Pretty impressive!

He calls it MEP, Maximum Explosion Potential. I call it MEP, Maximum eBook Profits.

I also studied kinesiology and know that fast twitch muscles help you explode to great heights. But not the kind that make your bank account skyrocket.

It all started with a stupid, horrible video on youtube and a tip on how to jump higher. Proof that videos on youtube can make you a star instantly. Ah but you knew that didn`t you?

What did he do to get testimonials?

He gave the book away and started to get glowing testimonials. Great marketing strategy.

Then the demand was there for a website, then an ebook, then paypal, then affiliate sales on clickbank. Viral affiliates who jumped (sorry for the pun) at the opportunity to make moolah.


Because they believed.

Of course ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Men`s Health and other media outlets picked up on is amazing story to make it more viral.

Would people pay to download a 10-chapter ebook The Jump Manual for 67 dollars?

After 3 to 6 months, he was making a $1,000 a month. Then he sold 500 to 1,000 books a month. Then he hit a million in sales. Probably not net cash in his pocket but an awesome amount of money dude.

Hey what the hell he is an innovator, money-maker and true blue solo entrepreneur.

Check out the video which is a promo for a book, Get Rich Click by Mark Ostrofsky, an internet multi-millionaire in his own right.

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