Earn money on the
internet without working

To earn money on the internet or not... that's not the question.

Hey you go all out and burn the midnight oil, eat peanut butter, I prefer almond butter but what the heck you know what I mean you sweat the hours and make the money like any other entrepreneur.

Oh no not this business man.

You could call his strategy how to make money on the Internet without working.

As a young lad he had the paper route and the lemon stand. Later he sold real estate and had the entrepreneur bug. Then phone cards and electronic mags.

He was off to the races.

The big breakthrough started back in the hey days of 1994 when the Internet was barely a child.

His father was a university professor and so was his sister later on. Couldn’t hurt to be in the same class with his sister.

In one seminar he met FedEx prez, Fred Smith, while his sister talked about the Internet. Then the big idea !

Domain names.

He thought that domain names where like titles to properties like in real estate.

You own the name, you own the property. Well he was right.

He bought the domain names business.com and ebusiness.com.

In a matter of 6 months, he sold both names in a bidding war from cash-rich companies and raked in more than $100 million smackaroos.

Today he owns eTickets.com, CuffLinks.com, MutualFunds.com, SummerCamps.com, Bachelor.com, MutualFunds.com, Photographer.com, Consulting.com, HeartDisease.com, BeautyProducts.com, TechToys.com, and over 500 other top level domains.

Most amazing he is a major shareholder and board member in Blinds.com which makes a cool $74 million dollars a year. Don’t drop your shades now !

Lately he published a book, Get Rich Click!: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet which is the epitomy of how to earn money on the Internet without working… better still thinking and negotiating smart.

Watch this interview that reveals his secrets of on to earn money on the internet, and master salesman…

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