Here's the man who sold
1 million e-books in 5 months

I bought the book, How I Sold 1 Million e-Books in 5 Months by John Locke for .99 cents to read on my PC Kindle reader on

The author, John Locke, is one of only 8 authors who has sold more than 1 million copies of his Kindle Edition books. Quite a feat !

At this time, he has written 10 fiction books and one non-fiction.

In his non-fiction book, he talks about his marketing strategy to sell his non-fiction books online.

He uses social media like blogs, twitter and facebook all intertwined like a spider web to sell, sell, sell. He makes friends with a well-targeted customer base and uses a USP, unique selling proposition.

He is a multi-millionaire insurance sales person with lots of experience and owns his insurance business while investing in more than 20 other businesses.

In my opinion, he is a great sales writer and understands what to sell, how to sell, how to franchise a series of books and how to invest his money.

This guy knows how to operate a successful business. He's a smooth operator.

In his book online, he talks about a small investment of $1,000 to start-up his Kindle publishing career. He buys the services of a graphic artist, a trailer production company and rewrites.

How long did it take him to write his first 9 books online. Read the answer below.

John was very kind to answer the following questions by email...

Question #1

Did you really write your first 9 books in 9 months by yourself or were they in the works previously? If so you are a prolific and fast writer with great originality.

Answer #1

It took me two years to write all 9 books.

Question #2

Did you have a mailing list before you started? From reading your eBook, I know you need to build your blog and email list but did you leverage your previous contacts?

Answer #2

No, I did not have any previous contacts before starting.

Question #3

Loved your marketing system. Did you join other people's twitter accounts (noticed you had 19K following and 20K followers) to email them and create your Twitter viral cycle?

Answer #3

No. I became friends with all the people I tweeted, because we had shared interests.

Question #4

Now being a multi-millionaire with sales and writing skills, don't you agree that the trailers, sales experience, millionaire status and cash flow easily added proof, helped and leveraged your eBook sales?

Answer #4

I don't think the public cares if you are wealthy or poor. They just want to be entertained. Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing in the world. If people like your writing style, they'll buy more of your books, and they will spread the word for you.

You be the judge on his answers and if you want to become a best-selling e-books author. He has sold more than 1 million eBooks at .99 cents which made him approximately $350,000.00 US dollars in 5 months.

Remember though to think about the process.

Watch the professional trailer for his first e-book, Saving Rachel...

Just Imagine Your success And Do It,


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